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In The Neighborhood

The City of Alexandria and the surrounding area come as close to a paradise as any community in the country.With its natural beauty of lakes and woods, rolling hills and prairie, plus its array of parks, trails, and recreational opportunities -- it’s one of the fastest growing and sought-after areas to live in Minnesota.

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The Trails

Surrounded by other housing developments,The Trails borders the Central Lakes Recreational Trail which has been paved since 2002.The development includes affordable housing as well as market rate lots which are located in the outer perimeter of The Trails.

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Woodhill Townhomes

Woodhill Townhomes rentals feature two-bedroom or three-bedroom units and range from 599 square-feet to 678 square-feet.

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Viking Towers

Viking Towers apartment building containing 105 units, each has one bedroom. All units are unfurnished. Some units are a standard size at 385 sq. ft. and a few are larger at 457 sq. ft.

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Single Family Housing

The Alexandria HRA contracts for the construction of new single-family homes within the city of Alexandria. These homes are built by licensed contractors.

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